Dry Eye

Experiencing blurry vision may bring discomfort. It could be more than just a passing problem – you might have dry eye syndrome. At Eye Care of San Diego, our doctors know how to diagnose and treat dry eye issues. Let’s talk about what dry eye is and how we can help you manage it. 

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common condition where your eyes don’t have enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly. This can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like irritation, scratchiness, and blurry vision. It’s not just about feeling dry—it can actually impact the health of your eyes. Think of it like your windshield needing wiper fluid: tears keep your eyes clean and lubricated, and without them, things can get blurry and uncomfortable.

Treating Dry Eye

It’s important to know that while occasional dryness can be eased with drops you can get without a prescription, ongoing symptoms might mean there’s a more serious problem. Ignoring dry eye can lead to vision issues later. 

At Eye Care of San Diego, we focus on finding out what’s causing your dry eye and planning just for you. Our specialists use advanced tools to figure out why you have dry eye. Then, we offer different treatments, such as: 

  • Special eye drops you can only get with a prescription 
  • Plugs for your tear ducts to keep tears from draining away 
  • LipiFlow treatment to help if your Meibomian glands aren’t working right 
  • Changes to your lifestyle and taking certain vitamins 
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Knowing what’s causing your dry eye is key to treating it right. Whether it’s because of things around you, health problems you have, or issues with your Meibomian glands, we can help make your symptoms better and keep your eyes healthy. 

If you’re dealing with dry eye, don’t wait until it messes with your sight. Make an appointment with Eye Care of San Diego today to get started on feeling better. Call us at (800) 765-2737 to set up a LIPIFLOW EVALUATION and take the first step toward managing your dry eye symptoms. 

Your eyes deserve the best. Let Eye Care of San Diego guide you back to clear and comfortable vision.